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Thursday, March 31, 2011

been a long time

ok so its been a really long time since i postedon here. since then we have moved to chesapeak virgina and loving being back int he continetal US and close to family again. since we moved jason made gm1! hes adjusting ok, just lots to fix in shop. logan is now almost 8 and tyler is 3. logan recently started soccer back up and we are hoping to get tyler into preschool this fall. not to much else is going on around here butim going to do my best to keep up with this thing,lol

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my once in a blue moon update,lol

let see, where to start. tyler had his surgery last month. hes all fixed now waspretty well behaved ont he plane too and from seattle, and while we were there. igot lots of comments like "wow hes so good" and so on. i got to hang out with teresa again. shes great! we went to a place called the rock . its a pizza joint, it totally awesome and i recomend it to anyone. then of course we HAD to go to WALMART while i was there,lol. there and target. i seriously bought 20 boxes of mac and cheese for the boys. its 1.90 or something like that here, it was only .63 there. anywho. what elese. oh we signed logan up for tball and we are just waiting to hear when practices start. the snow is FINALLY MELTING. KNOCK ON WOOD! so hopefully it willbe soon. I have recently been appointed the new ombudsman of the anacapa. woohoo!! im excited and have been busyalready trying to make sure that people get the information that they need. tyler got his first hair cut last week, hes so handsome. still my baby, but hes just looks so darn cute! jason will be going to school in south carolina in a few weeks. so he'll get to be all hot and sweaty while we are stuck in the cold for a month or so without him. oh joy.

i almost thought i was done, but im not. guess thats what happens when you dont blog for a while. im still continuing on my weight loss journey. i started weight watchers back up 2 1/2 weeks ago. as of friday i had lost 4 lbs comming in at 138. but of this morning im down to 136. yay!! seriously thats 2lbs away from my initial goal.i can tell already that its not gonna hurt to loose a few more . so afteri get to 134, then i'll shoot for 5-10more

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm going to be an aunt, again!

i received a wonderful email this morning from my sister rachel and her husband aaron. they are expecting their first child in october!! yay!! he thinks its going to be a boy and she thinks its going to be a girl. but they are going by the chinese predictor calenders. kinda hard to do when you arent exactly sure wich day you got pregnant,lol. anyways im so happy for them and i hope they can make it back to the states some time this year so maybe we can see them. they are stationed in germany

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


now that this month is half over i guess i should post,lol. like i said in previsou post,im bad aboutkeeping up on this thing. so whats new with us you ask?? well logan started arena wrestling in the begin ning of the month. hesgetting better. he needs to learn to focus more ont he wrestling than playing with his friends. a boy from his class goes too and its so funny to watch themgo at it. lets be honest , give a boy permission to fight or wreslte and they are happy as clams. tyler is not only walking now but running. we are working onthe talking but he'll do everything in his own time (as he has done thus far). . jason finally came home this weekend. so i had him for valentines day! yay! logan had no idea that he was comming in. tyler on the other handi think knew.he woke up sat morning saying dadadada,lol. logan wasnt happy that he was having to go to the airport with me, i toldhim we were picking up miss hollie. he wanted to go play with his friend odysseus. so i got there and tld him that hollie had a big surprise for him and he had to shut his eyes tight. so we get there and i led him in by the hand and stood him right in front of jason and told him to open his eyes. SURPRISE!! its daddy not hollie! hes been stealing all his daddys attention since he came home. doesnt want to let anyone else snuggle without him there too. even mommy. lil turd. so we've been relaxing spending family time all weekend, its sooo nice

tylers surgery

soty's surgery is finally schedualed for march 17th. we donthave orders yet though b/c the guys just got back from baltimore. they dont go back to work till the 25th. so im not sure how this is all going to work. hopefully it wont take too long and we'llhave our itenary for the plane trip there. im sure i'll probally just stay at the same hotel i stayed at last time since it was only 5 minutes from the hospital. i was going to be at the hospital waiting by myself, but a friend of mine there in seattle that i met on coastie chicks will be comming to sit with me during tylers surgery. thank god, i hate waiting by myself. the dr said its a fairly minor procedure and we should be able to leave the hospitalt he same day. yay!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

vacation 2010!

so we were going to take a big trip this year and go to disney, to visit my sister in cali and then home to va and nc to visit family. well jason is in mexico with the boat right now and he has decided to nix the summer vaca this year. he said that instead of taking the big vacation this year, he wants to save that money, take the kids to one of our parents and then him and i go to mexico or somewhere else in the carribean by ourselves!! you wont hear any complaining out of me! so now instead of making plans for disney im searching for vacation deals, i know its early but i wanna know where we are gonna go and how much its gonna cost. i would love to go home but jason said he doesnt know if we can do it. we can use miles and companion ticket and onbly have to pay like 850. but that means we have to choose between going to see my sister in cali or going to see my dad in va. decisions decisions

if its not one thing its another

so we came home from vaca and tyler had pink eye and a cold. a week later logan had pink eye and missed 2 days of school. well now this week logan is sick yet again and missing school. he complained alst night of his tummy hurting and he had a low grade fever of 100.8. so this morning, GUESS WHAT!? he still doesnt feel good and still has a fever. so hes lounged out on the couch being a grumpy bear. he keeps yelling at ty when he "bothers" him. like ty really understands that brother doesnt feel good and doesnt want to play. if he keeps that crap up he'll be spending the day in his room camped out there instead of my couch.

on a good note the weahter hasnt been too horrible a nd we had 2 wonderful days this week. so atleast we had some outside fun for a bit.